Paul Taylor


Paul Taylor has been a Bay Area businessman building small companies and jobs since 1975. Despite his having an open door to medical school after attending Cal State University in Hayward, California, he had a different desire for his career. In 1980, Paul  discovered a small, struggling business in Oakland fabricating foam. He purchased half ownership in Bay Foam for $2000! The business flourished becoming
well known in an industry of giant companies who he competed directly against.

By 1995, when Paul sold Bay Area Foam, he not only built the foam business but also pioneered two other companies. One was Bay Foam Builders Inc., a construction company developing the use of rigid foam products in the construction industry for some of the largest home builders in the Bay Area such as Shea Homes, Shapell, Davidson Homes and many others. This was to help implement the rigid foam products he was developing into a new area of construction. Also, he continued with another new industry as the leader in Northern California called JetStream Watercutting Inc. which was founded by him in 1988. An industry virtually unknown at the time but Paul saw how this would be a new industry that had great potential to expand throughout  America. Paul retired from that business in 2010 having the pleasure knowing that this industry had by that time became a household name. Waterjet Cutting.